Ilja Karilampi – Hauptstadtrevier – Galerie Wedding, Berlin

17.04.2015 – 30.05.2015
An Exhibition by Ilja Karilampi
Curated by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung und Solvej Helweg Ovesen

Karilampi looks at these city visuals as if they were »crime scenes«, graphic codes to break or cases to solve in the city, styles to be observed, tags that literally tag in your memory, graffiti statements to be translated, institutional signage to be remembered, street signage as well as the myriads of brands everywhere to be carefully studied. Looking for patterns and unusual constellations, Karilampi injects these signifiers implementing a pop-aesthetic in his visual artworks. Socialised with pop-music and crimes series, and drawn just as much to the outskirts and ‘heinseit’ of Berlin as to the centre and its upfront facades, the artist titled the exhibition after the popular Berlin shot crime TV series »Heiter bis Tödlich – Hauptstadtrevier«.

»The detective thing is maybe a romantic lifestyle, but also a break with the expected – I like my friends who push and reject the cliché roles. I’m just obsessed with NYC undercover cop movies and also what roles the detectives have in society – heard about this retired police officer in Sweden who collects art – but he also has a glass window from a bank which some robbers sprayed a machine gun smiley sign into, in his collection.« (Ilja Karilampi, 2014)