Aaron King — Addictives


The unruly broom on the floor in Aaron King’s show has had enough. It is no longer at our disposal and refuses to accept the function it has been assigned. The same can be said of the arrangements of seashells and the series of gum balls cast in cement. The works resembles collections, which have developed their own logics and have finally grown out of the collector’s hand. They strongly reject the concept of usability.

Aaron King’s show is a greeting from a world where our every day objects have grown out of their semantics and left their functionality behind. It is a story of the excess of stuff, of transmutations, of material plentitude and of obsession, of taking and loosing control.

The title “Additives” refers to King’s method of working, where familiar objects are being repeated until their familiarity is lost in their new ways of being.

Aaron King is an American artist based in New York. He has had solo shows in New York, Los Angeles, Athens and Lisbon. His works have been reviewed in the New York Times, Artforum, and Art Papers. Additives is his first exhibition in Scandinavia.