Carl Michael von Hausswolff — Recent works


During von Hausswolff’s career there has been some confusion amongst the audience concerning what he’s actually doing – what his work is about. In this exhibition the gallery will diffuse this clogged field of activity and show a variety of works by the artist.

Some know about his sound work. This could be experienced at Moderna Museet a few weeks ago with the much appreciated large installation freq_out or in Electronic Voice Phenomena works in Graz (Steirisches Herbst), Lopud (TBA21) or Venice (Guggenheim Museum/A.N.E.). His latest CD, 800 000 Seconds in Harar (Touch, London), showed another side of his sound art and was highly rated in the music press internationally. The 13 channel audio art piece Spiriport will be shown in this show.

Others are familiar with his “red” series of photographs and installations, where the artist focuses on wasted architecture and problematic sites by simply enlighten the areas with red spotlights. This resulted in the book RED 1999-2010 released by the gallery in 2010. The latest project – Red Domestic Death – pictures a ruined house in Western Sahara destroyed by Morroccan fighter planes in early 2010, and will be included in this show.

Three other works will also be shown:

a) In 1998 von Hausswolff launched his “social area” projects and the resulted in the sculptural Thinner- and Low Frequency Bar (Momentum, Moss). A series of bars and lounges has then been realized: Ether Bar (Kiasma, Helsinki), Meths Bar (Beaconsfield, London) and Glue Lounge (Centre Genevois de Gravure Contemporaine, Geneva). In 2010 he constructed a Cobra Venom Bar (Darb 1718, Cairo) and it was included in the freq_out installation in Stockholm – it will be exhibited at the gallery in its latest phase.

b) During the years von Hausswolff has been investigating other peoples various activities and has included this in his work. A few years ago he did an exhibition at the gallery called Adoptations (Tu Est L’Autre) where a group of new artists where introduced – artists that never knew they were artists. The artist is now working on the second exhibition, Adoptations II (Posse Est), and the gallery is now presenting a series of images from this work in progress: Laura Lee Burroughs.

c) von Hausswolff will also, hesitantly, show a series of paintings on paper called Majdanek (1989).