Drawings from magazines arranged on their sources. Loesch’s drawing-technique can be compared to the automated process of scanning and printing; he draws while scanning the image with his eyes, only observing the result of the drawn lines afterwards. His drawings, characterized by gaps, distortions and repetitions, form a sight-blockage on the original, and at the same time suggest what may be hidden.

The overabundance representative of the popular magazines Loesch handles, is mirrored in the explosion of material: he forms three displays containing a selection of 100 drawings from magazines.

For years, Loesch has focused on artistic processes of repetition, overwriting and translating. In different media he has duplicated texts, environments, persons, events, objects and stories, always playing with the space in-between the original and its version. The new series of works continues this practice in the medium of drawing.

The exhibition is accompanied by Loesch’s new publication, the first issue of an annual magazine titled “Scans”, which compiles his drawings and uses the popular format they originate from.