Fia Backström
Marcel Duchamp
Sten Hanson
Jenny Holzer
Beth Laurin
Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd

Belenius initiates the season with a group exhibition aiming to demonstrate as well as explore the idea, or concept, as art form and subsequent consideration over aesthetic or material aspects. With subjective composition and semiotics, as well as semantics, it seeks to challenge our prosaic perception of the covenant of the word with the image. A phenomenon that clearly seems to draw a parallel between verbal and visual qualities, thereby questioning the perception of medium and formalism.
The intention to represent and form, and the will to formulate, rings like a leitmotif when a dematerialized stringency appears

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, The Complete List of Invented Artists, Print on paper, 160x10 cm
Fia Backström, Poly Tic Ale, Letterpress on paper, 63,5x49,5 cm
Fia Backström, Poly Tic Tale, Letterpress on paper, 63,5x49,5 cm
Sten Hanson, Letter from Carolee Schneeman, Diptych, Mixed media, 2x54,5x40,5 cm, 1973
Marcel Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q. Shaved, 1965, Readymade: reproduktion, 8,8x6,2 cm
Fia Backström, Post-Sensitive Rhetorics, 2011, Dye sublimation on aluminum, 25x33 cm each, 6 plaques
Fia Backström, Flexible Fragmentation Compression Process, 2017, Wood, engraved plexi glass, two shelves + eight plexiglass plaques, 170x50 cm