Karl Norin — Think for me, please


Gallery Niklas Belenius is pleased to announce the opening of Stockholm based artist Karl Norin’s first solo exhibition.

The show consist of a number of everyday objects such as worn down sheets, cheap rugs and colourful fake furs compressed and polished into a sleek surface and mounted onto wooden frames. Unlike many contemporary painters Norin is unbothered with tradition. He is occupied with how the objects fade in and out of abstraction and how his low-tech process of casting paintings enables random compositions in eternity. In contrast to the historical legacy of abstract painting Norin uses abstraction as a tool to evoke associations and to disclose new meanings and hidden patterns. Norin is showing us that just like pictures can be used to represent objects, objects can be used to represent pictures of objects that resembles an image of worn-down sheets, cheap rugs and colorful fake furs. Karl Norin was born 1982 in Fjällbacka. He received his Master from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm this spring.