Leif Elggren — Physiological Frequencies


Drawings from 2004 to 2009

Leif Elggren is a conceptual artist that are combining worlds of audio, visual- and performance-art. Its about signals, sounds, anatomy and ideas about death and spiritual experience. It is about scrutinizing the power. He will show apprx 160 drawings. With ball point pen is the human body shaped and shown in all angles. Signals and vibrations between them are illustrating another side with humans and their voices and how people connect spiritually. The drawings in this series is called Physiological Frequencies and can be seen like a sort of awake dream notations. “I believe there is a complex sound image that lives in a transitionary phase when we are born and equally when we die. The first we carry with us as a memory, a reminiscence of something lost. And there is a strong aspiration among us all to try to re-create or, at least, re-experience this memory, this sound image. It carries so much hidden information. We are convinced that we need this piece of information, something that we miss and long for. Everything we do veers off and is directed at this original image, in one direction or another. And it becomes a bearer of different types of messages depending on the degree of the angle. Like the human speech, the human sound. Here within lies something absolute and undeniably real. Something that not even death can overshadow. But death is a different concern so far.” LE from a conversation with Fredrik Nyberg and Lars Carlsson in the book Physiological Frequencies.

Elggren will also show The New Immortality (a box in a limited edition) that was recently put together with ten four-page tabloid size prints more or less presenting Elggren´s whole body of work. The New Immortality is a non-periodical tabloid paper, magazine or fanzine started in 2003. The New Immortality relates to the book with the same name by John William Dunne, London 1939. It also relates to a 7″ vinyl record from 1992 with the same name. This 7″ was cut with a dry point needle and a record player. [I was shouting out loudly over and over again the words: “I am talking about if I only could talk!” ?The needle, resting on the wax in my gentle hand has hopefully registered something of the vibrations of my voice.] This special edition is a box with all the 10 issues of the TNI collected together with other related images and texts. He will also show his new DVD-release on Errant Bodies Records “Death Travels Backwards” and a new book called Physiological Frequencies with more than 300 drawings published by Gallery Niklas Belenius.