Exposure / Mirror


High-tech multimedia artist Marie Sester shows in her first solo exhibition at the gallery parts of the works Exposure and Mirror. In Exposure, x-rayed trucks and laser scanns of houses runs in slow motion in a synchronized video installation in which we find smuggled goods from cigarettes to a Rolls Royce in a horse trailer. Mirror is a monitoring humble mirror that detects the presence and follows the person’s movement.

The New York-based French artist Marie Sester began his career as an architect and served her master’s degree in architecture from the Ecole d’Architecture Strasbourg in France in 1980. Sester has since worked to examine how social arrangements in society and focusing primarily on ideas of public transparency, visibility, celebrity, and availability. Her installations are interactive, immersive, and architectural and make the viewer involved. The idea with Exposure is the way to describe the hyper activity, units possessed, penetration and control, which grows in our society. The Mirror you notice that the mirror is no longer a static part of reflective glass, where you can see your self, but an interactive eye that is after you.