Airship contains beautiful, old and used items found in the woods or at flea markets. Changing material where human and natural forces have had their impact. Natalie Sutinen creates sculptures of worn accessories, such as purses, toys and shoes. The narrative works stage, forming proportions and faces disappear.

Was dolls, objects in glass boxes and a giant hairdo is the backbone of the exhibition. Animal Attributes and large mirrors creates an uncanny swear. Natalie Sutinen finds that the absence of death in society gives a false outlook on life and spend, therefore, to visualize death. Airship similar to a dream state with autobiographical surreal associations which senses confusion in a world of clues.

In connection with Air ship displayed works Sarkofag one and two – two glass cup with three-dimensional mirrors lowered into the water. Authorities have previously demonstrated in Linköping art gallery.

Natalie Sutinen was born in 1972 and lives in Stockholm. After graduating from the Royal Academy in June 2005, she has exhibited works at Linköping art gallery, Dunkers culture, Arts gallery in Uppsala, Moss exhibitions and Repin Institute in St.. Petersburg.