Stina Stigell


Gallery Niklas Belenius is pleased to announce the opening of Stina Stigell’s third solo show at the gallery.

This time Stina Stigell invites the visitor to a polyphonic Dadaist fairy tale, a stream of consciousness, written not with words, but with found objects and various materials, such as fibreboard, paper, macaroni, corrugated cardboard, chalk and straws.

The scene of the story is a hybrid between gym hall, garden and classroom. The hierarchies of materials are torn and the natural proportions are out of order. Here you’ll find a pair of jeans in size XXXXL, crossword paintings, oversized seed bags, hand herbicide sprayers, and a gymnastic box horse also serving as a place for dwelling. On the wall is a circular vehicle in corrugated cardboard and the letter “s” is functioning as one of its wheels.

The works of Stina Stigell strongly opposes definition. They are ambiguous in essence. In a jovial manner and without any papers of identity, they cross the borders between painting and sculpture, sign and signified object, private and political, fiction and reality.

A quilted jacket is hanging on a post. Maybe it was forgotten on the playground and later picked up by someone who made sure it would be easier found. But it could also be a flag, raised as a declaration of independence and absolute freedom of imagination.