Sara Wallgren

B. 1981.

Sara Wallgren (b. 1981) grew up in Örebro. She has studied at Fria Målarskolan in Halmstad, Gerleborgsskolan in Bohuslän and Malmö Art School. In 2008, she had a replacement semester at The Cooper Union School of Fine Arts in New York and 2010 she finished her master.

Central to Wallgren’s work process is to find a balance between subjects she is interested in and the method to which she is drawn. The basis for her artistry lies in drawing and sound art with a strong focus on sound. She often works with a kind of translation where, for example, the invisible sound obtains a body through an object or a drawing. By twisting and turning a phenomena and translating it to a different form, another perspective is created from which one can explore the subject and discover something new. In the translation something is lost whilst something else is added through the process. She is often interested in the inherent constraints of objects, phenomena and situations, and does not rarely use this as a framework for the creative process.

Ghost in the machine
Compositions 2012 30x20x20cm Plexi, carbonfibre, speaker, speaker wire, graphite powder, amplifier, MP3-player and a composition of sounds from radio telescopes
Codes for T 2013 180x150cm Graphite on mylar
White Drawings 2015 180x150cm White ink on 5 different types of canvas
Lars Englund & Sara Wallgren