24 - 26 September 2020

Laleh Kazemi Veisari
Berit Lindfeldt
Fatima Moallim
Clara Gesang-Gottowt
John Alberts
Beth Laurin
Johanna Gustafsson Fürst
Eva Lange
Ferdinand Evaldsson


We proudly present an exhibition with emerging artists, in dialogue with established masters. All from Sweden. Local art presented locally at Spritmuseum. Elastic Gallery and Belenius welcome you to a joint exhibition focusing on presenting art in the most favourable way, but under these special circumstances during this peculiar year.


'By appointment' is a new concept where we focus solely on Swedish artists and the local art scene. When artfairs and major art events globally have been cancelled or postponed, we are proud to be able to present a way to see art with focus on safety and the individual experience to the public, the artists with a central point on our mission; presenting high quality art to be viewed as it is best viewed: live in the physical room.


The exhibition will be a mix of painting, reliefs and drawings with sculptural objects. The works, who are handpicked from different periods of the artists both rich and aggregated careers, mix sizes and dimensions, but share one strong expression together. The works sprung from a solid interest in material, form, poetry, politics, language and art history. The exhibition invites the viewer to a much awaited spatial meeting with powerful objects in intimate yet large format.


Naturally, we will respect the guidelines from the government. 'By appointment' will only be able to visit if you book a slot for your visit, together we will minimize the risk of spreading the covid-19 virus by only allowing 25 people at the same time in the 300 square meters large and airy gallery space.




Berit Lindfeldt b. 1946 will present a series of sculptures focusing on the memory of a material and the use of ready mades. Lindfeldts sculptures leads us into the physical and structure of the works, where the materials and the spaces the are exhibited in interact with our own memories and associations.


John Alberts b. 1987 new works have titles such as Whisper, 2018-2020 and Two Shadows, 2017-2020 that hints to other places and a feeling of another presence in the color packed canvases. We need to study the works both from a far and up close in order to fully capture the richness of the canvases.


Ferdinand Evaldsson b. 1988 relief works made of wood, pigment, silicon and saliva, rooted in icon painting, create a rotating movement in the exhibition. Evaldsson however presents monochrome surfaces, but with nuances that create depth in dialogue with the cut wooden surfaces that form the base for the works.


Clara Gesang-Gottowt b. 1985 present two large canvases, Skyscape I, 2018 and Skyscape II, 2019 light painted, where the paint seem to be wiped off the canvas. Thin layers that give a glow and light in the canvases, that radiate a sense and longing to nature.


Laleh Kazemi Veisari b. 1983 is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her interdisciplinary practice embraces drawing, painting and writing at its core, and engages in collaborative processes, researching the social and environmental imaginary.


Fatima Moallim b. 1992 is an image and performance artist based in Stockholm. In By appointment she will present brand new works that connect to her previous performance Flyktinglandet.


Beth Laurin b. 1935 participates in ´By appointment´ with various sculptures from her long career spanning seven decades.


Johanna Gustafsson Fürst b. 1973 will show a brand-new sculpture in conjuncture with her current exhibition Graft the


Eva Lange b. 1935 missions is to present the monumental in the solemn growing of a blade of grass. We show a careful selection of her sculptural treasure

Installation Views