Inez Jönsson b. 1989

In her practice, Inez Jönsson explores the liminal space between material and motif - structure and ornament. Exposed jute, flax, horsehair and oil paint, among other materials, are incorporated into meticulously executed works guided by a willingness to explore what is possible to achieve with the human hand as the most important tool. Balancing her works between painting and object, Inez works to defy genres by ascribing equal importance to art and artisan practices.
 Inez Jönsson (b. 1989) lives and works in Stockholm. She graduated from the Royal Institue of Art in Stockholm 2017 and has since then participated in group exhibitions together with Gallery Belenius, at Chart Art Fair and Fullersta Gård. In 2019 she had her solo debut with the exhibition The Horsetail Sealed and Unsealed at Gallery Belenius. She was selected by the Royal Art Academy as the recipient of Vera and Göran Agnekils Grant for young artists in 2020 and was awarded with Bærtlingstipendiet by the Bærtling Foundation in 2021.