Miriam Bäckström b. 1967


Born in 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

The work of Miriam Bäckström is driven by an intense study of the symbiotic and oscillatory relationship between image and reality in the human psyche. Bäckström works across various media, including photography, theatre, installation, performance, film and written text. Her early work as a conceptual photographer involved technically precise depictions of interior spaces - such as apartments and museum galleries-where the human figure was eerily absent yet the human presence uncannily palpable, like stage-sets in search of their characters.

While maintaining a technically meticulous execution, Bäckström's work with moving images has tended toward theatre and the theatrical - such as dramas, films and videos and collaborative performances - in which she often blurs the line between documentary and non-documentary narrative constructs. Bäckström utilizes but at the same time undermines the conventions of story-telling and art-exhibiting, reversing the roles between author and subject, audience and performer, public and private, fact and fiction, in order to investigate the subtle web of connections linking identity, memory and reality.

In the most recent and ongoing work of Miriam Bäckström, a new image representation is being developed and presented throughout a series of tapestries and tapestry based sculptures. The photographic perception is pushed to a point where definitions and distinctions between media, image, material and surface becomes uncertain and insufficient. The series New Enter Image takes place at the boundary of photography, textile, architecture and landscape, and suggests a collapse of image and perception