Julius Göthlin

B. 1984, Stockholm.

Stockholm-based artist Julius Göthlin (b. 1984) has been mainly preoccupied with highly geometric and labour-intensive paper collages and drawings since his graduation from the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. For the group exhibition “Space is Only Noise,” an associative series of spray-paintings will be presented, that bring to mind telescope images of nebulas and galaxies, while on the same time looking like X-rays and microscopic images, alluding perhaps to the long journey from outer space to the smallest molecule in Charles and Ray Eames “Powers of Ten,” 1977.

Modulated Doppler Shifted Signal, Airbrush on canvas, 260x180. CTX 5587 Exposure 753, Airbrush on canvas, 100x84.
Gaussian mixture model 001, Airbrush on canvas, 200x200. Gaussian mixture model 002, Airbrush on canvas, 200x200.
CHART Art Fair 2016
Julius Göthlin, Lars Englund & Sara Wallgren
From left: Julius Göthlin, Modulated Space Frequency 8883 / Modulated Space Frequency 7443, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 180 x 130 cm