Ulla Wiggen

B. 1942, Stockholm, Sweden.

Ulla Wiggen is an artist who began her career in the 60s. She started out with painting motifs based on electronics and the inside of mechanics in -63. In 1972 she graduated from the art academy. Wiggen is also a psychotherapist, which can be noted in her works from -69 to this day. She explores the inside of the human body and its conditions.

Världsatlas, Acrylic on panel, 73x76 cm
Två, Acrylic on panel, 62x38 cm
Iris III, Acrylic on panel, 45x44 cm
Iris IV, Acrylic on panel, 85x82 cm
Iris II, Acrylic on panel, 45x44 cm
Iris I, Acrylic on panel, 56x54 cm
Golem II, Acrylic and gold leafs on panel, electrical components, 65x54cm
Golem I, 40x48 cm