Grade //// Separation

28 July - 21 August 2016

Albin Looström
Arvid Wretman
Beck & Jung
Julia Peirone
Johanna Gustafsson Fürst
Juan Pedro Fabra
Timothy Crisp
Linnéa Sjöberg
Hilde Retzlaff
Viktor Fordell
Przemek Pyszczek
Sophie Tottie


Systems for transportation make up the backbone of how cities and societies are constructed or imagined.


Belenius Gallery proudly presents the summer group exhibition grade //// separation. Roads, railroads, tunnels and other paths are separated into grades to prevent traffic and to minimize the risk of accidents, but they equally become grids of movement through the traffic that runs on them. It also becomes a symbolic movement for development and interconnectedness.


In grade //// separation we are met by artistic practices that deal with different systems and movements in a broader sense. The artworks in the show create a cohesive grid system even though all of them come from different directions thematically and aesthetically. The entity of the works can be seen as a system (i.e. an exhibition), but it is also a structure of controlled movement within the space. Together they become like a grid where each individual string is part of a whole and the flow is established through their separateness.


Alida Ivanov

July, 2016

Installation Views