While You Were Asleep: Micke Bergert

15 - 23 December 2016

Dear Micke,


I hope that everything is well. It has been a long time since we last spoke and I miss you very much.


I have to tell you about this crazy dream that I had. It started out in your old apartment, the one where I had my first folköl. The one where we used to indulge ourselves in all kinds of excesses. Our old friends were there: Lewis, Micke A, Ali, Marcus and Erik. We hung out like we used to.


Surrounded by your psychedelic paintings, we were skateboarding around in obscure dimensions and levels. We went all the way to Central America, where we found an extraordinary Toucan bird sitting on a branch, looking at us with its big blue eyes. It was eating calmly out of our hands. In the beautiful jungle, where we found peace, the bird taught us about life and how to be adults. We tried to come up with our own ideas but the bird was wiser and more reasonable than us. There was nothing else to do than to just listen to what it had to say.


Your colourful ink technique was everywhere in my brain. We entered the night, and suddenly I woke up and for once, I felt good. And here we are now, back where we belong, with your paintings on show in my gallery.


Sincerely yours,

Installation Views