Fell into place: Willem Andersson

9 March - 9 April 2017

Enter Willem Anderssons hypnotic world, where there is a another world moving inside. This time, curiosity and orderly randomness prevails. Works being cut apart and separated, information added and removed, all in order to compose a new whole. Andersson releases control and allows the image to systematically, and gradually, emerge. The result is hence a play between dominance and submission of the subject creating a so called "glitch". Negative images containing warm and cold interstice. One would presume to say, that in our day and age there is a desire and fascination with the analogue method, for example the almost exotic ambience of an old family photo. Some of the works recalls the process of eliciting these old photographs, while others bear a resemblance verging on digital sensation.


A journey that begins in an undeveloped phase recapitulates, accordingly, the connotation of three-dimensional relevance as the conditions are established. Simultaneously, one can presume surrealistic parallels of gentle formalism as the image ripples through and forces the viewer to be pulled into the semi-figurative subject. Like the rings of a tree, the resin seeps through and the phenomena of contrast becomes clear, whilst conveying a poetic undertone. It draws to mind, the conformation of a negative image and it's elementary aesthetics. A mans face, a woman, and something rather more complex; it is almost impossible to discern, until the complex puzzle is solved and the pieces falls into place.

Installation Views