At Six Gallery — Norin, Sjöberg, Göthlin, Peirone, Rupini, Retzlaff

30 January - 28 February 2019

"Art is in our DNA, and we strive to redefine the role that art fills in a hotel. On January 30, we take another step in this endeavor, opening up Gallery At Six. In partnership with Belenius, we will highlight some of the most prominent artists of the contemporary art scene in Sweden. Doing so, we wish to build an ongoing narrative for guests and Stockholmers alike, open for all with interest for fine art. We hope that this gallery will become an international platform where Swedish creators are able to find their way abroad. And in contrary to the rest of the hotel, all works are up for sale.


The opening exhibition features a representative selection from Belenius-affiliated artists. The airbrush experiments of Julius Göthlin. The allegorical borderland between sculpture and painting by Karl Norin, photographies by Julia Peirone. Linnea Sjöbergs unconventional weavings and sculptures with performative backgrounds. Hilde Retzlaff with her brutal style in sculpture. Michael Rupini with his automatic writing that leaves you in awe. All of them, excellent examples of artists with a unique expression that we're proud to have in our hotel."


Artists on display:
Karl Norin
Linnéa Sjöberg
Julius Göthlin
Julia Peirone
Michael Rupini
Hilde Retzlaff

Installation Views