Work in progress: Leif Elggren / Fatima Moallim / Timothy Wilson

18 March - 18 April 2021

Work in Progress
A collaboration with creative consultancy ACNE
18.3.2021 from 14:00
Norrmalmstorg 1


Opening the 18.3 at 14:00 Belenius in collaboration with creative consultancy ACNE proudly presents an extraordinary art experience at Norrmalmstorg 1. Windows can work both as a protective barrier but also an opening or peephole. Though the glass Fatima Moallim and Leif Elggren will execute a visual performance with movement and drawings. Their mutual themes will be office spaces, openness and landscape. During the evenings between Timothy Wilson will show light-art on the theme of artificial intelligence. The regular-ness of contemporary life in our office spaces, and the relation between the artificial and organic is examined in this project.


The exhibition is a part of the initiative RESTART - Art for Industry by the creative consultancy ACNE, beginning in Stockholm and subsequently rolling out to all cities where ACNE has offices around Europe during the spring. Showcasing the power of art. For industry and beyond.


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Fatima Moallim was born in 1992 in Moscow. Self-taught and with an impressive list of merits she has taken an already self-evident place in Swedish art life.


The foundation of her performance-acts lies in drawing where Moallim express the energy directly via her senses to the canvas or paper through the tip of the pen. With her back against the viewer the lets them see her work take form during the process. It often happens in perfect silence, much like a wordless prayer. With humour, introspection and responsiveness the work gets embodied during her performance.


Moallim has exhibited site-specific works at Moderna Museet Stockholm, Göteborgs konsthall, Marabouparken, Zinkensdamm metro station in Stockholm and on the glass facade of Bonniers konsthall.


Leif Elggren born 1950 in Linköping is an internationally established artist based in Stockholm. Active as a conceptual artist since the end of the -70s he works multidisciplinary with sound-, text-, performance-, installation-, and visual arts. Themes such as power relations, spirituality, the absurdity of life and strong symbols are recurring. White on black but also yellow showcase the biggest contrasts. During 2011 when Elggren lived in New York the artist was out on a walk on Hudson Street when he stopped by a traffic light. Two ladies stood in front of him carrying typical fashion bags with thick glossy paper and a big logo. He overheard one of them saying to the other - "Oh, I have such a passion for fashion".


With this in the back of his head Elggren began to draw, also starting a tiny blog. He named the project "Drawings for fashion". The artist introduced red paint in his drawings, which have become significant for this particular series. "I return to the occurrence on Hudson Street with black and red pens, figures and figurative matter", says Elggren. The motifs later developed into round shapes and forms - a doughnut, a swimming-ring or why not a virus. The circles radiate beams and threads. Elggren is represented in the collections of Moderna Museet Stockholm, Göteborgs konstmuseum, Kalmar Konstmusem, Norrköpings konstmuseum and Nationalmuseum.


Timothy Wilson born 1988 in Stockholm is an installation artist who uses laser and other modern media as he shapes futuristic landscapes. Using slides and light he examines the spiritual condition of the artificial, whether artificial intelligence have a soul like presence during this early stage of its development. "Each soul has its own path; each soul is killed by its mother. Will anyone survive?", are questions Wilson have asked for this project. The eternal question of the soul is actualized with robots and man-made things. Wilson have exhibited at Uppsala light festival, various group- and solo exhibitions at Belenius and made everything from the lighting for Silvana Imam and Jacob Mühlrad, to the lighting for sets at the Royal Dramatic Theatre.