Autistisk kilskrift

18 November - 23 December 2006

Styx has been publishing since the summer of 2005 produced books in a borderland between art, literature, music, film and philosophy. The books are often rooted in exhibitions and performance behavior. In 2006 the book Autistisk Kilskrift started in collaboration with 32 artists, philosophers, musicians and poets. The project yeast and acted as the valve assemblies and membranes by the mentality and run away on the other hand, combine the seemingly most disparate elements as text, art objects, audio, performance and artistry. This led to a solid book and Gallery Niklas Belenius first exhibition. The exhibition leaves room for textual infringement on the material and form. With well separate surfaces and the only openings that are turned against each other and tensions create a swarm where image, sound and text together in a sense. This does not sweep the light, cutting off between them intensive works. We find no foundation and no shattered foundations just an exhibition in the frenzy.


John Andersson, Cristian Andersson, Jakob Anckarsvärd, Taro F Boruta, Christian Cavallin, Timothy Crisp, Leif Elggren, En halv kokt i folie, Johannes Flink, Mattias Forshage, Ulrika Gomm, Edvard Graham Lewis, Johanna Gustafsson Furst, Sten Hanson, Giuliano Killgren Medici, Jenny Killgren Medici, C M Lundberg, Emma Lundemark, Iwo Myrin, Måns Mullner Nanok, Niklas Nenzen, Katarina Norling, Eva Kristina Olsson, Olof Pettersso,n Patrik Qvist Sebastian Saar, Iris Smeds, Stina Stigell, Kristoffer Zetterstrand, Nina Wähä and Thomas Öberg

Installation Views